Alrighty, Bitches! Who is it going to be? I need your start and stop weights today.

Who is going to get the title of Stick Bitch? Who gets to PROUDLY display this button?

At the beginning of this challenge we all agreed to send the winner a little something as their reward for showing the rest of us up. Well, my gift will be the winner's choice of cook book from Williams-Sonoma.

There is a lot of exciting news friends! The winner, the gifts. We are getting a brand new look. Yep! The site is current under a "make over" from our new contributor extraordinaire Cheapskate Mom aka Cheesecake! It's so fabulous! I can't wait for you all to see it! I am working on a giveaway for you all! Super stoked about that! So, you see? LOADS of exciting things going on!

So check back tomorrow for the WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER and details for the next LIB challenge.

Spill in in the comments! Who is our STICK BITCH?

Who is going to be the LIB winner?

All good things must come to an end right? Well, this is certainly not the end. Just the beginning of an all NEW challenge. However, first?? We have to determine who is getting the award. The bragging rights. While many, and I mean MANY of us have fallen off the wagon, and not gotten right back on it, there have been some who have been inspiring. Posted regardless of ups and downs.

Since Skinny Bitch is apparently trademarked. We will be dubbing the WINNER WINNER WINNER with the title Stick Bitch. It's befitting of a Lose It Bitches challenge no?

So I need everyone who is still in it to win it to post starting weight, and total loss. If you aren't comfortable with posting starting weight that is fine. You can email it to me confidentially.

The challenge isn't complete until April 30th. You have until FRIDAY.

I will be posting details of the next challenge later this week. I have some exciting things lined up from our contributors. I will be working on updating the site with some better navigation so you can get to recipes and exercise tips easily.

If there is ANYTHING you would like to see here let me know. If you would like to guest post please send me an email.