Who is going to be the LIB winner?

All good things must come to an end right? Well, this is certainly not the end. Just the beginning of an all NEW challenge. However, first?? We have to determine who is getting the award. The bragging rights. While many, and I mean MANY of us have fallen off the wagon, and not gotten right back on it, there have been some who have been inspiring. Posted regardless of ups and downs.

Since Skinny Bitch is apparently trademarked. We will be dubbing the WINNER WINNER WINNER with the title Stick Bitch. It's befitting of a Lose It Bitches challenge no?

So I need everyone who is still in it to win it to post starting weight, and total loss. If you aren't comfortable with posting starting weight that is fine. You can email it to me confidentially. adrienzgirl@gmail.com

The challenge isn't complete until April 30th. You have until FRIDAY.

I will be posting details of the next challenge later this week. I have some exciting things lined up from our contributors. I will be working on updating the site with some better navigation so you can get to recipes and exercise tips easily.

If there is ANYTHING you would like to see here let me know. If you would like to guest post please send me an email.



Dual Mom said...

I have one question...where did February, March and April go? In my mind it's still January!

GunDiva said...

Zgirl - I'm up to 188! It won't go away! Grrr...

However, I joined up and I lost (but not any weight) fair and square. There was talk about sending the winner something from each of the loser's hometowns. I've been thinking on what I'm going to send - after all, I come from the town that gave birth to Fat Tire beer. Think a case of that would be good? Or maybe a t-shirt? Anyway, I've been thinking all along about what I want to send the winner, so be sure to let us know who wins and how to ship stuff to them.

Anonymous said...

Awesome possum!!

I can not wait to see who the winner is! SOOOO exciting!

Mama Bird said...

I can't seem to email you. Anyhoo, would lOVE to participate in your next challenge. I started my 2nd blog FLAB TO FAB on my birthday, the day I started my last ever diet I know I should say LIFESTYLE change as it really is. I have lost 30lbs since March 8th!! Please stop by and again would love to be a part of your next BIG challenge!!

Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

Woot! Winner winner chicken dinner - grilled not fried, ya know..

Can't wait to see who it is!

gayle said...

Good luck to all!! I have lost around 13 pounds ......not as much as I have in the past but at least some!!