I feel pretty, Oh so pretty!

OH ME OH MY!  LOOK AT THESE NEW DIGGS!  Can you believe how super awesome our new site is?  I love it!  I feel inspired!

Our new admin, Tamara, or as I call her Cheesecake from Mad Boasting of a Cheapskate Mom and Cheapskate Designs gave us an overhaul here at LIB!  We have a new button.  GRAB IT!  Display it.  It links here instead of to my main blog!  If you are in the challenge, grab the button!

Also, our current Stick Bitch, that's our winner from Challenge Numero Uno, is starting a new weigh in meme.  If you would like to participate check out Amy over at Marvelous Mommy.  Some of you aren't comfortable posting your actual weights, and I completely understand that.  It's fine to continue to update me privately on your progress.  But, for those of you who feel sharing your digits motivates you, go join in Amy's Thursday weigh ins.  It motivated her, and SHE WON our last challenge!!  Woo Hoo!

I am currently stuck at 10 pounds down.  I will admit, I haven't been as vigilant as I should be.  We have had colds and graduation, and end of year, and I hear you all screaming, excuses!  EXCUSES!  Get back on the program!  I am!  I will.  

I will tell you that it is inspiring to put on your jeans and have to constantly pull them up because they are so loose!  What is motivating you?  Can you feel a difference in your clothes?  For me, the clothes make more difference than seeing those numbers come down on the bitch ass ho scale.

So, you might see some subtle changes in the next weeks on the site.  A little nip and tuck here and there.  But for the most past, we are live and in PRETTY COLOR.  

And real quick, leave me some requests for recipes.  What are you missing?  What do you crave that you would like some "light" recipes for.  I will search for, reinvent and share what I have with you.  Just let me know what you want!

~Zgirl out!


SurferWife said...

This site is like a feast for my eyeballs. There are so many fun graphics to look at!

Anonymous said...

I am loving the new look!

I have been terrible in the motivation area.. lol And not just with working out and eating right. I havent been motivated at all in any way. i need a cleaning fairy... Anyone have one of those??

MiMi said...

This is one beautiful bitch.
I want to eat the stuff in the header, mean mug faces and all.

Mae Rae said...

i am loving the new look. I hear you though on the stuck part. For some reason my scale is going the wrong way.

Marvelous Mommy said...

Thanks again for the post! I'll be brainstorming on some recipes!

Momma Fargo said...

Love the new look! This site is awesome! Good job, ladies! Keep it up!

Dual Mom said...

Damn woman you make me feel like a useless douchebag! Reinvent recipes, recipe hunts? How do you have time!!!!! I do good to make sure my teeth are brushed in the morning.

We ALL thank you for having your stuff together and updating the site. It's full of the awesome!!!!

gayle said...

How do you have so much energy with the new baby?

I would love to see really easy receipes!!

GunDiva said...

Love it! I'm off to change out my buttons to the new and improved one!

GunDiva said...

Love it! I'm off to change out my buttons to the new and improved one!