Mmmm Mmmm Good!

Hello Bitches!! Tamara here once again! I have been a cooking fool this week! Earlier I posted my weekly dinner menu and I wanted to update you on the recipes I have made.

I have to say that I am not working with Weight Watchers in any way. They are not aware that I am blogging about them here. I wanted to get that out of the way in case some of ya thought I was pitching for them. I genuinely love their program and it has worked in the past for me which is why I chose to jump on board with them again years later.

What I love most about Weight Watchers Online is that you use regular food. No prepackaged junk. They have their own line of products now, but honestly, I don't buy into them because a lot of the dessert foods have hydrogenated oils and junk in them so even though they are low fat and calories they are not exactly the best food choice.

I have found that replacing many of my carbs with veggies helps me feel full. I eat a ton of veggies now. I love sprinkling a little lemon pepper and spray butter on them.

I also eat a fudge bar when I want something sweet and that helps keep my portion size in check. Fudge bars are only 1.5 points so they don't set me back at all!

Last night I made the Roast Pork Tenderloin with Zucchini Alfredo and I have to admit I was impressed! Now, it is not at all like the real thing, but I think it tasted fantastic! Using a potato peeler, you shave the zucchini lengthwise to make the "noodles" and you saute them with white wine, mushrooms, seasoning and fat free half and half. I used panko crumbs instead of bread crumbs (they don't have hydrogenated oils like regular bread crumbs do) on the pork tenderloin. I also seasoned it up quite a bit because I love how herbs just make food pop! Also, lemon juice brings out a tangy flavor and is a great replacement for salt.

On a side note, I was not aware of fat free creamer before making this, and I love my coffee in the morning, but I was using coffee mate creamer which is just AWFUL for you. I could not find a way to lighten my coffee. The liquid form is full of calories and fat and the powder form, the first ingredient is hydrogenated oil! So this week I have been using the fat free creamer and a sugar free caramel flavored coffee syrup and WOW talk about a great cup of coffee without the guilt! I am excited about my find!

Ok so back to dinner last night. It was fabulous, my whole family loved it. I will be making this again! The only changes I made was using panko crumbs and extra herbs for the pork tenderloin, and spritzing lemon juice on the zucchini and adding a touch of shredded romano cheese to both.

I paired this up with baked apples. I wanted something that would go great with pork and I had a bag of apples so I chopped and skinned about 10 gala apples. I sprayed a casserole dish with cooking spray and placed the apples inside. I added about 2 oz of raisins, a good dash of pumpkin pie spice (cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves all in one handy container!) I used smart balance buttery spray and gave the apples a good coating. I added 2 heaping tbsp of brown sugar and covered the dish with foil. I baked it for approx 30 minutes at 350 degrees.

They came out so yummy! Perfectly paired with dinner! The kids scarfed 'em down! I hate watching produce go bad and this was a great way to use up those extra apples!

So my dinner calculated up to 6 points and that includes my baked apples!

Tomorrow is "Stuff It" day for Think Tank Mama's Share a Spoon so I'll post my pics and update on my Stuffed Peppers with Bulgur recipe I made earlier!

Have a great Hump Day!!


adrienzgirl said...

OMG! I am salivating again! I love baked apples. I think my boys would love this. EVEN the zucchini.

Adding it to the recipe bank!

Alex said...

I love baked apples too...just the smell of the cinnamon from the oven is heaven.