The Dreaded E Word

Dual Mom here. Can I just say holy shit? Can I swear on this thing? Hello, does this thing work? The reason I say holy shit? Thirty-three followers in one day and so much enthusiam and support for everyone who has decided to join the crazy train. You guys are just full of the awesome.

One of the comments on the previous post asked how to get started exercising. I'm sure Daffy and any one of the other lovely ladies could answer this question better than me, but I have a big mouth and I'm jumping in on this one. Three years ago I could run 5k in under 30 minutes, I exercised at 5:30 in the morning at least five days a week. I ran outside, in rain, wind and snow. This morning, I found myself winded climbing one flight of stairs to my office. I tell you this because I know what it does to ones body and self esteem to be completely and totally out of shape. I also have a bit of experience in how to change all of that.

Let's talk about resting heart rates for a minute. Do you know what your resting heart rate is? Put your fingers to the pulse in your neck and count beats for 10 seconds then times that number by 6. I know math is hard....but give it a try. Your resting heart rate is important. The lower it is, the healther your heart is. American Heart Association indicates your heart rate should be between 60-80 bpm. It will generally increase with age. However, physically fit people have a lower resting heart rate. How does that work? Well, if you have a lower resting heart rate, it means your heart does not have to work as hard to pump blood through your body. This is important, the harder your heart has to work over a prolonged period of time, the quicker the ticker is going to wear out. A worn out heart is not a good thing people.

Exercise increases your heart rate, hence the gasping for oxygen. But it only increases it for short periods (while you're exercising). This is good for you. So how do you get started with exercising? It's easy, just move. Walking is one of the easiest, safest forms of exercise that you can do.

- Start small - you're not going to be able to go out and speed walk for an hour if you haven't exercised in awhile. Plus you'll end up hurting yourself which will totally defeat the purpose.

- Stretch out your legs, shin splints are a bitch.

- Try to do some sort of physical activity at least three days a week. This is important for a couple of reason. Anything less won't give you results. Also, it's important to get into a routine.

- Try to work hard enough to sweat. Sweat is good for you. Each of those droplets running down the side of your face contains toxins that are being expelled from your body.

- On the flip side of that, drink drink drink. Any bitch that has lost weight will tell you how IMPORTANT it is to drink water. Yeah, you'll piss 600 times a day for the first little while, but just think of all that fluid coming off your ass!!! It will even itself out and you'll be back to peeing like a normal person in no time.

- Music makes exercise easier. Yes it does, trust me on this. The louder the better.

I went to the gym this evening after work for the first time in almost three years. This morning while packing my gym bag I realized I had one pair of gym pants that fit me. Sigh. I did 50 minutes on the treadmill. I was slow, so slow. I started thinking about how far I've fallen and had to immediately shut those thoughts down. Halfway through when I realized I was going to actually finish the workout without dying I was filled with an incredible sense of accomplishment. Something I haven't felt in a long time. My muscles were burning and my calves were bawling but I did it. And you know can do it too. I know you can. So c'mon, how did you work it today?


Daffy said...

I didn't leave the house today due to weather but tried to find ways to sneak in as much physical activity as possible.

I have an exercise of those great big ones. I bounced on that for awhile with my kiddo. She laughed, so did I, and my abs are really talking to me right now.

I used every reason I could think of to need to go up and down the stairs in my house as many times as I could. Sometimes I just walked top to bottom and back again for the heck of it!

Great job getting to the gym tonight! Usually if you can make it past the first 10 minutes of the workout you'll finish it and feel great in the process!

Anonymous said...

does shopping count? lol

GunDiva said...

So want to go to the gym...waiting on hubby to get home, since he's supposed to be doing this with me. Gotta work off that Big Mac. Did redeem myself with my afterwork snack - naked airpopped popcorn with water. Fullfilled my need to munch on something without adding a million calories :)

Great job on 50 minutes on the treadmill. I hate the cursed machine; I wouldn't last five minutes on one. But I do love the elliptical machine.

Menopausal New Mom said...

Great post. I've taken on doing my old early 90's Susan Powter "Burn Fat and Get Fit" VHS video (yes, it's old) for 6 mornings a week. I have to work out the minute I get up or I have all day to make excuses not to do it. I'm on week three! Only Sunday's off!

Congratulations to you for dragging your ass to the gym and taking on that treadmill!

adrienzgirl said...

So, I waited for my hubby to get home. We had a crazy busy night. We took my stepson home. I hurried up to make dinner, we ate and then bundled up. My hubby, my 10yr old and I braved the 20 degree weather and took off for a quick paced 5 miles!

I was so proud of Kooper for being such a little trooper and hanging with us like that. This is a life changing experience for my whole family!

We are all getting FIT! Thanks Dual Mom! Great post!

Danielle said...

You go girl! Making it to the gym is a HUGE accomplishment! I am staying around the house today. I have ate some VERY healthy things today. And I burned 250 calories doing the Leaner Mii on the Wii Fit today! :)


Just Another Momma said...

I did a nasty Wii workout tonight, can hardly walk but I'll get better at it. Great post!

gayle said...

Gotta go to bed it's 12am and i have to be up by 6am but I just had to say I did my Wii Fit for 40 minutes today and I loved it ...wish I had never stopped ..then maybe I wouldn't have gained back the 15 I had lost!! You are right we have to work out...

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Congrats on going! I need to take some of your go and get my fluffy rear in gear! Thanks for the motivation so needed!

Mad Woman said...

So the fact that my resting heart rate is that bad?

I've been walking 3 to 4 kms a day...hope it will help. I have been walking full on most days but tonight I had to slow down because my chest was actually starting to hurt. I didn't want to pass out or anything.

Good job everyone for getting going!

Laura said...

I hit the treadmill for about an hour today & unfortunately that was about it. I really wanted to do some weight training, but I never made it back to the gym later in the evening like I wanted.

Great post on your resting heart rate. Can I add a site link that will help you figure out your target heart rate. There is a careful balance when working out to reach target heart rate to effectively burn calories, but to not exceed that target heart rate. Let me know if you're okay with that and I'll send the link.

Carol said...

I tend to procrastinate and have started doing leg lifts, tummy crunches and butt clenches before crawling out of bed. (my bed is pretty damn firm) I know once I am up and moving I will find every possible distraction to avoid working out.
No coffee or reward until my little exercise routine is done.

kys said...

I haven't done anything yet. I'm going to do something that won't hurt my knee too much. Probably some ab work and maybe a walk on the treadmill with a very low grade incline. (Ortho told me that completely flat is just as bad for your knees as too high.)

Anyone out there have any exercise tips for fatties with bad knees???