Surround Yourself With All Things Skinny

Hey girlies!! Stephanie from The Blue Zoo here. Some of you already know I lost 45 pounds last year. I am here to share my tips with you, encourage you, or if need be, yell at you to get your butt moving! I am in no way an expert. I am just a stay at home mom who needed to find a cheap way to lose weight.

When I first decided to lose weight it was hard. Really hard. Every morning I would check my email and see all these yummy, fattening recipes from newsletters I had signed up for. Ugh. Yea, that's just what you need to see first thing in the morning - a recipe for a triple chocolate brownie that looks delicious! I realized I needed to do away with all those newsletters! And I replaced them with healthy emails. Here are a few that I really enjoy:

WebMd - They have a great section on recipes, and losing weight, all sorts of stuff! (The email sign up form is all the way down on the bottom right.)

Everyday with Rachel Ray - Some great healthy recipes.

Eat Better America - I really like a lot of the recipes from this site. I really like how they take regular recipes and make them healthier.

Shape - I subscribe to the magazine and the emails. They have amazing workouts, and all sorts of tips and tricks.

Fitness - I subscribe to both the emails and the magazine. I think they have the BEST emails! I LOVE their website!! You can find all kinds of workouts, and even watch videos on how to do the exercises.

Last but not least Hungry Girl. I LOVE these emails as well! Her emails are FULL of useful info! She tells you about store bought products, restaurant foods, and how to make healthy versions of your restaurant favorites. She has several cookbooks for sale as well. I have the 200 Under 200 one and it is awesome! It contains 200 recipes that are all under 200 calories. I have made several of the recipes and I really enjoyed them!

Speaking of books, there are a couple I almost forgot! Sheesh!! I really truly LOVE these books to! They are called Eat This Not That! There are several different ones - one about restaurants, one for the grocery store, and one for kids etc.. Written by David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding, these books can help you make healthy choices wherever you may go. The books are SO awesome! They tell you the healthiest foods and which foods are not so healthy. And they name names. It flat out tells you which brand of orange juice is the best way to go. I carried the restaurant one with me in my purse at all times. Especially when we travelled. That way I would know the healthiest thing to order, and the items that were the worst items I could possibly order. Check it out for sure! You will be so surprised by some of the comparisons!

Well those are my top faves. I know there are LOTS more emails, and books, and recipe sites. If you have a favorite leave it in your comment for all to see!


Danielle said...

I have been looking for a good weight loss book. I think I will try the eat this, not that one. Thanks for sharing.


Big Boops said...

Great, helpful tips. I've already printed about 20 recipes from your Eat Better America link. Can't wait to try them out!

Sandra said...

Great tips - I am going to have to look into those 200 under 200 recipe's. I need snack ideas or mini meals and that looks like it might be the answer.
Thanks for posting them.

Heather said...

Just found this blog and I am CRAZY excited. I started on 1/3 and am on day 18 of working out 30 min everyday. 77lbs to lose. Great tips, I love this weightloss blogging community!!

Angelia said...

Better late than never, I'm going to join you wonderful bitches in this whole getting healthy thing. Here's my public service announcemnet:

gayle said...

Thanks for the great tips!!

Alex said...

Love that so many more are joining in! My kids are back at school next week here in Australia so I'm getting back onto the schedule next week.

15 pounds by Feb 27.